Christin Myrick Shepherd


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How Others See the Soul Gift of a Seer

People often remark that a Seer ‘sees right through them’ and that they perceive much more than they let on. Seers penetrate into the motivating forces, cause and effects that influence other people, events or circumstances. It’s all about context and situational understanding for Seers. For example if a person behaves badly a Seer will most likely consider the many factors that have influenced their behavior (such as lack of sleep, poor working conditions, lack of personal awareness and so on). A Seer will take all this information in and interpret it. 

People often feel deeply heard by Seers who have a tendency to be great listeners and enjoy problem solving complex, multi-layered issues particularly when in the issue revolves around how or why something works the way it does.

A Seer may have been accused of being too distant, cold, off in their own world, selfish or flighty at some point in their life. They can appear to others as not altogether ‘here’ or present with what is. Some of the other Soul Gifts are more used to relying on the body for information, but a Seer relies on the unseen intangibles in the space for information and they often forget about the body altogether! Embodiment and presence act as amplifiers for a Seer; they ground, stabilize and expand the impact of their Soul Gift because the individual is present enough to wield their gift well.

A Seer, on average, is a solitary person. Being a Seer does not necessarily equate to being an introvert (or someone who receives energy from being alone), but rather a Seer feels energized by connecting to the greater oneness, imagining, and pondering in a feeling of spaciousness. Being connected themselves and their ideas with an abundance of time to mull everything over is important to the wellbeing of a Seer.

A Seer is a loving and accepting individual, especially with those that have been cast out, ostracized or publicly humiliated. What takes many Seers a long time to learn is how to give this same love and acceptance to themselves. A Seer will take in all the wandering, lost misfits and give them a place to belong because a Seer is often viewed as wandering, lost or a misfit themselves. A Seer can be quirky, unusual, have trouble fitting into social norms, and they often feel as if they do not belong anywhere. One of the most courageous acts for Seer is to accept and love themselves exactly as they are. The more in tune with, truthful and aligned a Seer is with their own essence, the more internally fulfilled and connected to others they will feel.

Where a Seer feels most vulnerable is sharing their visions, imagination and philosophical ponderings with others. It takes an enormous amount of trust for a Seer to speak, write or communicate the way they see things to others but when they do (without attachment) the results are powerful and impact others for the better in a long lasting way.

The Soul Gift of a Seer may be the most subtle and it is often missed unless one knows how to look for it. Seers may not get a lot of credit for their Soul Gift, especially in the early stages of their development where they may not express as much vulnerability (and therefore power) but when a Seer learns to express the beauty of their inner connection and harmony they can create truly unification amongst a group or within an individual.