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How Others See a Seer


As a Seer, you make others feel:

  • A sense of clarity and relief
  • Seen, heard, and deeply understood
  • Balanced or centered
  • Relieved
  • One with all things


Others find you:

  • Enchanting
  • Worthy of awe
  • Able to evolve people, groups, or environments to what is next
  • Capable of see right through them and, in fact, you do perceive much more than you let on
  • Present, compassionate, and surrendered


Often, you may find that:

  • You often love people exactly as they are (though you may have difficulty giving this same level of love and acceptance to yourself)
  • It is vulnerable for you to share your visions, imagination and philosophical pondering with others, but when you do you feel intimately bound to those you’ve shared with and the results are powerful.
  • It is vulnerable for you to let someone into your internal world


Negative impacts may include:

  • Being accused of being distant, cold, or selfish
  • Appearing to others as not altogether present with what is
  • Shutting others down, meaning that a Seer can look deeply into someone to gather information and patterns that can be used to control others or situations.




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