Christin Myrick Shepherd

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You already know that your Soul has a gift.

Now, let Your Fearless Soul help you discover what that gift is and how to make a meaningful contribution with it.



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What People Are Saying

Chrstin Myrick’s book is very useful, as you sort through your life path. She sees people as one of seven types, using a wonderful metaphor as if we all are plants: Initatior (a seed), Messenger(a sprout), Believer (growing up), Conduit (plant circulation), Guardian (thorns), Seer (Flower), Converger (Fruit). I like all the personality systems I’ve studied: Meyer-Briggs, The Enneagram, Astrology. Myrick’s personality system is elegant, imminently simple, useful, packed with keys to inform one’s own truest self. Ms Myrick has synthesized much wisdom. I can that she helps people to be more alive, more authentic, letting of false identities to reveal the beauty underneath. I recommend it highly.
— Wrenn Bird Woman
This book surprised me - I was surprised by how much clarity I got from reading it. The insights into myself are still resonating with me in my work and career. The book inspired me and made me feel more into what makes me unique and why I do what I do. I thought it was really well written and accessible. Definitely worth the read for anyone who wants to get to know themselves deeper and to experience the peace and harmony that comes with that insight.
— CameronG