Christin Myrick Shepherd


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How Others See the Soul Gift of a Conduit

The Soul Gift of Conduit is about connecting to fulfillment. Conduits have an uncanny ability to intuitively sense and interpret the needs and desires of individuals or a group and they see the connection is a living entity that shifts and alters with time. A Conduit offers a pure reflection about the deepest longings of the soul and are keenly attuned to what others really want.

A Conduit tends to be (but is not always) an individual steeped in the beauty of raw emotion. They can get “taken out” at times by the intensity of it because very often what they understand as their own feelings are actually the conglomerated emotions, motivations and desires of others or of a group. They have wildness to them, an un-tamable essence that others find captivating and drawn to. People like being around a Conduit!

A father once told me about when his Conduit daughter was in elementary school: all the other children and even the teachers would greet her in the morning, and wish her off in the afternoon. They would wave and call to her: they liked her presence and wanted to be around her. They were drawn to the mysterious energy that is Conduit.

The attractive nature of a Conduit (whether they are physically attractive or not) can be confusing for the Conduit themselves. Because Conduit energy is so closely tied to longing, desire and fulfillment, others may have confused the energy of the Conduit as sexual or romantic advances and created circumstance of mistaken romance or unrequited love. Conduits are very often loved or adored for how they make others feel and not always for who they are as a person.

Conduits make people feel the truth about what they are feeling. Really, this sentence could be shortened to: Conduits make people feel. There is great power in understanding and calling forth emotion in others. Human beings long to feel, especially in today’s numbed out, stressed out and checked out world.

Conduits magnetize and attract and their call is irresistible. Like a beacon in the darkness, people cannot help but follow this reflection of their Soul’s deepest desire. However, of all the Soul Gift types, Conduits experience the most shame for their power because they may have used it to manipulate others in the past.

A Conduit is extremely giving, especially with the desires or needs of the group or organization they affiliate with and they often put the needs of other(s) in front of their. They can have difficulty speaking up and following through with their own desires and needs but this is precisely the place that needs the most attention, because the power of the Conduit lies in the clarity of their own personal desire and longing. One of the most vulnerable acts a Conduit can do is to want something or someone, and the more in tune with, truthful and aligned with their own pure and true desire, the more fulfilled they will feel and the more they can help others find fulfillment.