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How Others See a Conduit


A father once told me about when his Conduit daughter was in elementary school: all the other children and even the teachers would greet her in the morning, and wish her off in the afternoon. They would wave and call to her: they liked her presence and wanted to be around her. They were drawn to the mysterious energy that is Conduit.


Others find Conduits to be:

  • captivating and magnetizing
  • an experience of full expression
  • enjoyable 
  • free, raw, and unfiltered


You Give Others:

  • permission to express
  • freedom + wildness
  • reminders about what fulfills, embodies, and frees them


Special Powers You Possess Are That You:

  • see through superficial wishes to deeper longings 
  • attract attention sometimes without meaning to
  • are a master of directing people without their awareness.
  • are inclusive and can read the desires of the whole


A Few More Things:

  • You don’t need the limelight, but when you are in it, you shine
  • You are a sensual creature
  • You can be quite daring
  • Pleasure or enjoyment comes naturally to you
  • For you, it’s all about ensuring that everyone gets what they really want



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