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How to Get Through a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are the body processing intense emotional or physical experiences that the mind cannot always wrap itself around. I believe they arise to help, not harm, and if we listen to them they can guide us to integration, gentleness, and deep soul learning.

This post discusses how to navigate the three distinct phases of a panic attack: the trigger, the attack itself, and recovery (which also has three distinct phases).  

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Bridging the Gap Between Boomers and Millennials

In a multi-generational work environment, it is psychological safety that will cultivate change in a manner that is enlivening to Baby Boomers and Millennials alike. It will bridge the gap, but both ends of this generational bridge will have to do their part.  This post gives you four ways that you can contribute, regardless of age. 

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A Solo Journey: A Soul's Quest

Last year, I had the profound honor of attending and teaching a Fearless Soul workshop in the gorgeous and wild Fort McDowell, Arizona. Hosted by Bucket List Retreats, the sessions were   clarifying for the attendee’s and for me. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the owner and cultivator of Bucket List Retreats on her podcast program called Travel Talk (listen to the full interview here) which explores one of my favorite topics: transformational travel. The interview was so delightful, I converted it into a blog. I hope you enjoy ~

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Discover Your Soul Message

In the Fearless Soul System, Messengers represent new roots that hold a seedling firmly in place and the first stem that peeks above the earth’s skin and follows its truest nature. In the same way, Messengers encourage us to follow our truest nature, strengthening alignment with our Soul. The divine purpose of a Messenger is to voice sacred truths that strike a fundamental chord within; a place where you instinctually know the truth that rings in your bones. It may not be someone else’s truth, it may not be a universal truth, but it is the truth of your Soul.

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How to Stop Feeling Stuck: Ask These 2 Questions

Typically, I use action to feel unstuck. I make a plan and I propel myself out of a rut. Sometimes this is a good response. Winter, however, is the time for rest and reflection and Iknow when I take action without first rooting into my Soul, it will be hollow and unstable. The outcome will lack meaning.

Use these two questions to discover what action is meaningful, purpose driven, and will provide fruitful results.

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