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Potential Negative Impacts of Each Soul Gift


Each Soul Gift has a potential negative impact, which I list here not to illustrate where people have gone adrift, but because it can add another layer of identification for your Soul Gift.

Remember, the list below is not who you are or how you consistently show up in the world. It is a list of impacts that may have shown up along the way when you were most misunderstood, acting from fear or were acting not in alignment with your true self.


Initiators can have very little staying power, meaning that they can move on to the next thing before conflict is resolved. This is partially because they tend to shy away from the darker emotions but also because they are quick to forgive and forget and it’s difficult for them to understand how others would harbor resentment. Initiators tend to accused of being flaky or uncommitted, or having too high expectations of others.

Messengers can tell very hard truths, meaning that they can have a history of speaking out or saying something that caused extreme duress or pain to another person. This is partially because it is vulnerable for them to intimately connect to someone before delivering the truth, but also because they value authenticity and find it offensive to not be real with someone. Messengers tend to be accused of being too harsh with their words, or not caring about others’ feelings.

Believers can overwhelm people, meaning that they have so much stamina and energy that they can mow over people or become overly engrossed in their work. This is partially because they may feel like they don’t deserve a break (and so neither does anyone else!) but also because work makes them happy. They like being useful, they enjoy contributing, and they just need to contribute and be useful to something they believe in. Believers tend to be accused of being workaholics or caring more about their work than other people, or being arrogant, cocky or conceited.

Guardians can be exceedingly private (they are, in fact, the most private of all the Soul Gift types), meaning that they can be so withdrawn that other people feel neglected or unimportant. This is partially because they have difficulty relaxing, opening up and enjoying the moment, but also because they have a place inside their heart that they rarely allow anyone into. If they have allowed someone into their heart and they’ve been hurt by it, it can be catastrophic and extremely difficult for a Guardian to trust again. Guardians tend to be accused of being emotionally or physically unavailable or being selfish.

Conduits can control people, meaning that they are so developed at sensing what people really want, that they can use that information to their own advantage. This is partially because Conduits often aren’t clear about what they really want (so the exchange gets convoluted), but it is also because they have an alluring quality to them that feels good. People can be more interested in how the Conduit makes them feel than the Conduit themselves. This gives the Conduit power over the other rather than power with. Conduits can be accused of being a tease (sexually, intimately, physically or emotionally), or being conniving or manipulative.

Seers can shut people down, meaning that they can look deeply into someone to gather information and patterns that can be used to control others or situations. This is partially because Seers feel safest when they are in control, but it is also because it is exceedingly vulnerable for a Seer to let someone into their internal world. So, they push their focus and attention out into others instead of letting them in. Seers can be accused of being narcissistic, distant, cold or unapproachable.

Convergers can confuse people, meaning they can go off on a tangent or follow an idea to such a degree that they completely leave everybody else out of the conversation. This is partially because Convergers have difficulty arriving at some kind of point and people lose interest, but it is also because the most intimate thing a Converger can do is connect to their body, to present time and especially to another human being. Convergers can be accused of being confused or confusing, loosing people, not listening or including others in the conversation (i.e. talking ‘at’ you rather than with you).


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