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Understanding the Soul Gift System


One of my favorite introductions for the seven Soul Gifts is based on the biological life cycle of a plant. Let us begin by imagining that a seed is buried inside the earth where it lies dormant until it comes into contact with the first of the divine purpose types: the Initiator.


Catalyst. Spark. New Beginnings.

An Initiator is the reactive agent responsible for cracking open a seed and beginning the chain reaction of a biological life cycle. In botany, this agent is typically heat or water that spurs a seedling to grow. When there is dormant potential, an Initiator Soul Gift senses it and cracks it open to begin the chain reaction of aliveness.


Authentic. Real. Truthsayer.

After the seed has cracked and begun its life cycle, its core stretches into a tiny sprout. Delicate, yet certain, it grows into what it was meant to be: following its truest nature. Where there is need for honest reflection and acceptance, a Messenger Soul Gift senses it. Messengers remind people who they really are. 


Builder. Healer. Fortitude.

At this point in the life cycle, the plant begins to grow. As leaves unfold and roots deepen, these extensions collect nutrients and infuse energy into the system. Where there is need for growth, a Believer Soul Gift senses it and provides what is needed to make the creation a reality.


Magnetism. Radiance. Bloom.

Our little seedling is now fully grown. A concert of blossoms unfurl, attracting pollinators and encouraging fertilization. The continuation of its lineage is now the sole longing of the plant. Conduit Soul Gifts sense the deep longings of the Soul and draw them to the surface so they may be fulfilled.


Unwavering. Fierce Love. Sanctuary.

Every biological system will protect itself. Our little metaphorical plant is no different; it develops defense mechanisms that ensure safety for the whole system. When there is something sacred and precious, Guardian Soul Gifts value it and do everything in their power to protect it.



Plant ovules are fertilized via the flowers, and new seedlings develop with genetic variation. This new seed is neither the mother nor the child. It is something in between: a balance of the two worlds. With compassion and presence, Seer Soul Gifts restore balance.


Wonder. Awe. Impossibility. New Reality.

Once a seed has been fertilized, an embryonic container forms around it: the shell around the acorn, for example, provides the mechanism to redistribute and replant. A Converger Soul Gift brings in new perceptions that alter reality.

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