Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Conduit

A Conduit evokes desire and helps others fulfill soul longing.

The Fearless Soul of a Conduit is richly satisfying and delightful. Conduits allow people the freedom to be wild and passionate. They embody the longing of Soul.

A conduit is a channel through which something is conveyed. In engineering, conduits are pipes that channel resources such as water or gas. In the Fearless Soul System, Conduits channel human desires. When desire reaches the depths of Soul-longing, a Conduit senses it and evokes it to the surface of our lives. Conduits see the true desires of others and help find ways to fulfill those desires.

What a conduit is: The magnetism of soul

Conduits naturally evoke others’ desires. At times, this occurs to such a degree that others become confused and think that you are what they want. The attractive nature of a Conduit can be confusing for others—and for the Conduits themselves. Because Conduit energy is so closely tied to longing and fulfillment, others may have confused your Conduit energy with sexual or romantic advances, creating circumstances of mistaken or unrequited love.

As a Conduit, you may fear that you are causing irrevocable harm by fulfilling your purpose. This is a common concern. Because you bring out what people really want, you also tend to bring out emotions about what they want. Some of these emotions are bound to be painful: shame, despair, hatred, or disgust. When that happens, people may blame you for their feelings. On the other hand, people may experience lighter, easier emotions, such as joy, exaltation, or relief. In this case, they may believe that you are the source of these feel-good emotions.

Think of it like a musical masterpiece or a particularly striking painting. When you listen to the notes of the melody or take in the colors on the canvas, you feel an urge, an emotional response, as conveyed by the art. For example, a beach landscape may reflect your desire for a more wistful, carefree time; the painting of an empty crib may reflect desire for a child; or a hopeful song may reflect desire for redemption. Like a mirror, Conduits reflect people’s desires and emotions back to them. Conduits don’t force other people to feel things they wouldn’t otherwise feel; they simply draw out the desires (and subsequent emotions) already waiting deep inside others. As a Conduit, you reflect deeply held, secret longings of the heart. Your job as a Conduit is to help others clarify their own longings so they can fulfill them in a healthy way.


Using Your Divine Purpose

Every Conduit helps others recognize and fulfill a specific Soul-longing. I cannot tell you which Soul-longing belongs to you; only you can do that. I can, however, tell you that your deepest desire, the deepest understanding of what you truly want, is intrinsically tied to the Soul-longing you help fulfill: it is what you are here to bring out, fully express, and grant permission for in the world. It is why you are here! My book, Your Fearless Soul will help you discover the unique soul-longing you help others fulfill and provides exercises and reflections to assist you on your Conduit's journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


how you help others + how they see you

  • You see through superficial wishes to the deeper longings of the heart.
  • You don’t need the limelight, but when you are in it, you shine!
  • You are sensual in the way you approach even the smallest things.
  • You can be quite daring.
  • Pleasure or enjoyment comes naturally to you.
  • You attract attention sometimes without meaning to.
  • You are a master of directing people or groups without their awareness.
  • You are collaborative and inclusive and tend to consider the desires of the group above your own.
  • For you, it’s all about ensuring that everyone gets what they really want.
  • Your presence reminds people what fulfills, embodies, and frees them.
  • People find you captivating and are naturally drawn to you.
  • People want to be around you; they enjoy the experience that is you!
  • People often thank you for your full expression, which makes them feel free to express.
  • People can find you raw, unfiltered, and perhaps a little wild—especially when you feel safe enough to express this side of you.