Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Seer


A Seer restores balance.

The Fearless Soul of a Seer is present, compassionate, and surrendered. Seers bring relief to everyone and everything. They become one with all.

In the Fearless Soul System, Seers represent the seed of the plant. Created after the plant has been fertilized, the seed transfers genetic material that is different from its parent to the next generation. It carries the evolutionary components necessary to ensure the survival of the biological line. The seed is life and death embodied. It is neither the old plant nor is it the new one; it exists between worlds.

What a Seer Is: the power of being present

The primary difference between Seers and the other divine purpose types is that there is no specific action or task for Seers to complete. Because the Seers’ divine purpose requires them to be rather than to do, Seers often do not realize that they are having tremendous impact. In fact, many Seers question whether they have a divine purpose at all. The truth is, however, that the simple act of seeing profoundly alters what is being observed. This is called the “observer effect.”

The observer effect refers to the changes that take place when something is being observed. A simple example is: do you act the same way in the privacy of your home as you do in front of other people? Probably not. The observation of others modifies your behavior.

This same phenomenon occurs in quantum physics. Experiments have demonstrated that a beam of electrons is influenced in direct proportion to how much it is being monitored. The observation alters the outcome of the experiment. Just like particles, people change when a Seer is totally present and witnessing them compassionately.

The total presence of a Seer results in a distinct effect: it restores balance. In the realm of the Seers, balance means the simultaneous existence of two extremes. Life and death, creation and destruction, order and chaos—Seers regard and value them equally. Holding two extremes can be disorienting, but the line between opposites is the sweet spot for Seers because they understand that the world flourishes because of both. There can be no light without darkness, no kindness without harm, no healing without pain, and no belonging without isolation. That the world contains both extremes is what makes it so beautiful and painful to be alive. How would you really know you were alive if you only knew beauty, or if you only knew pain? The balance of the two is what creates life that is rich and diversified.

The divine purpose of a Seer is not perfect vision, as the name may imply. Rather, the Seers’ gift is their ability to see into and through people, ideas, or circumstances to the context of the whole. When non-Seers look at their lives, they often see only the current situation. Seers look at the same situation and “step back” from it, placing it in the context of a larger story. In short, Seers provide much-needed perspective. To a Seer, no person or situation is an isolated phenomenon. Everything is connected: all parts of life are pieces of a larger story.


Using Your Divine Purpose

The Seer’s energy channels through each of us, whether we are Seers or not. Without the energy of the Seer, the world would fall into disconnection, isolation, and such extreme forms of discord that we would forget are part of something more. We would forget what it means to belong to a story that is greater than our own—to believe in something beyond what we can see, touch, and smell. It is the energy of the Seer that keeps us in relationship with the mystery: the beautiful, mystical, otherworldly aspects of being alive.

Try taking an iPod, MP3 player, CD player, or radio outside to a public place. Scroll through the music collection until you find the rhythm that most reflects the setting you are in. You will know you’ve found the right song because it will seem like people walk, doors slam, dogs bark, everything matches the tempo of the song. This is the music of the space between: a sound to mimic what you 'see'.

Your Fearless Soul provides exercises and reflections to help you on your Seer's journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


How you help others + how they see you

  • Others feel a sense of clarity and relief.
  • People feel seen, heard, and deeply understood.
  • People feel balanced or centered.
  • People find you enchanting.
  • People are in awe of you.
  • You evolve people, groups, or environments to what is next.
  • You feel powerful and beautiful, and others see you that way, too.
  • People often remark that you ‘see right through them’ and, in fact, you do perceive much more than you let on.
  • You often love people exactly as they are (though you may have difficulty giving this same level of love and acceptance to yourself)
  • It is vulnerable for you to share your visions, imagination and philosophical ponderings with others, but when you do you feel intimately bound to those you’ve shared with and the results are powerful.