Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Seer

are you a Seer?


A Seer perceives through and between the tangible world to the true reality that lies beneath. Seers penetrate the motivating forces that influence other people, events or circumstances.

It’s all about context and situational understanding for Seers and they can take large amounts of intangible information and interpret it into something meaningful for others. People often feel deeply heard and intimately understood by Seers who have a tendency to be great listeners.

A Seer feels energized by connecting to the greater oneness, imagining, and pondering in a feeling of spaciousness. Being connected themselves and their ideas with an abundance of time to mull everything over is important to the wellbeing of a Seer as they can enjoy creatively problem solving complex issues.

A Seer is a loving and accepting individual, especially with those that have been cast out, ostracized or publicly humiliated. What takes many Seers a long time to learn is how to give this same love and acceptance to themselves. A Seer can be quirky, unusual, have trouble fitting into social norms, and they often feel as if they do not belong anywhere. One of the most courageous acts for Seer is to accept and love themselves exactly as they are. The more in tune with, truthful and aligned a Seer is with their own essence, the more internally fulfilled and connected to others they will feel.

The Seers’ gift is their ability to see into and through people, ideas, or circumstances to the context of the whole. Where others may only see the current situation, Seers can step back and place a circumstance in the context of a larger story.

In short, Seers provide much-needed perspective. No person or situation is an isolated phenomenon. Everything is connected.



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