Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Believer

A Believer motivates and accelerates growth/healing.

The Fearless Soul of a Believer is wildly creative, expansive, and rooted to the earth, Believers infuse energy into those around them. They harness and direct the creative fuel for Soul.

In the Believer stage of the Fearless Soul System, the plant begins to expand exponentially. Branches and leaves unfurl like fingers reaching towards heaven. Roots deepen into the soil, seeking stabilization and hydration. The entire plant grows into a marvelous wonder: as if the dream of its Soul were finally fulfilled. Believers motivate and encourage a person, community, or organization to develop into its fullest expression. They infuse energy into any vision, helping it magnify, mature, and manifest.


What a Believer Is: building the dreams of soul

All Believers intuitively sense what we will call the “blueprint.” The blueprint is like DNA: it contains the instructions necessary for creation. Everything in the natural world carries a blueprint. An acorn carries the plans to become an oak tree, a caterpillar carries the design that will transform it into a butterfly, and a baby horse carries all the genetic information it needs to begin walking and eating almost immediately after birth.

The amazing gift of Believers is that they can access this blueprint; they can see the completed picture, the final product, or the ultimate design. Not only do they see the blueprint, they also know how to achieve that final creation. They see what tasks need to be done and in what order. Believers desire to ground what they grow—to make growth achievable for others. Like roots that secure a seedling in the earth, a Believer enables and secures growth by making progress practical for others.

Building and creating is what fuels a Believer; their very heart longs for growth and expansion. You may feel the urge to progress as an individual, developing your talents as an athlete or a musician. You may be drawn to a particular artistic style, cultural appreciation, or social cause. You may seek to expand and grow a corporation, invention, or idea. Whatever this looks like for you, the point is that something is growing and just by being you, you help it grow.


Using Your Divine Purpose

Every Believer will have a unique area of development—a dream of the Soul that they feel compelled grow. It is important to discover what that specific area is for you. It could be the growth of design, mentorship, architecture, homeopathic remedies, green infrastructure, family, spirituality, or love, to name a few. I cannot tell you what dream of Soul you are here to grow, but I can tell you that what you are here to grow is intimately tied to what you believe in. My book, Your Fearless Soul will help you discover your unique area of growth and provides exercises and reflections to assist you on your Believer's journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


how you help others + how they see you

  •  You possess remarkable stamina and dedication and can complete long and difficult tasks.
  • You directly perceive what is necessary for growth.
  • You yearn to see transformation in those around you.
  • You may be a gifted healer or nurturer.
  • You are capable of leading the way for others, and people tend to trust, follow, and listen to you.
  • You likely lead a full and intense day-to-day life.
  • You are happiest when you feel useful and helpful to others.
  • You can sometimes overwhelm other people.
  • You help others feel motivated and capable, and you empower them to embrace their own growth.
  • People experience opportunity and acceleration around you.
  • People are greatly impacted by your presence, even if you are shy and quiet.
  • People often thank you for believing in them or say things like, “I couldn’t have done it without you!”