Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Converger

A Converger embraces wonder-filled realities and brings others to embrace them as well.

The Fearless Soul of a Converger is connected to others and the world around them, they bring innovation, intimacy, and liberation. They become the dream-makers.

In the Fearless Soul System, Convergers represent the dispersing mechanism that replants and spreads seedlings into uncharted territory (e.g., fruit, gourds, pinecones). Like a fruit or gourd planted in a new soil, sprouting into a new world, the divine purpose of a Converger is to follow ideas where they lead and create new realities from them.


What a Converger is: the power of the point

A convergence point is a location in space or time where multiple lines intersect. To “converge” is to actively draw lines together until they form a single point. Like Alice following the white rabbit, Convergers follow an idea into different imaginary or real scenarios. To others, it may seem like Convergers jump randomly between unrelated topics. The truth is that Convergers aren’t going on tangents at all; the topic is simply more complex than other people realize.

To a Converger, the upside down and inside out world of Alice's Wonderland is more of a home than the real world because Convergers defy assimilation or classification. Here’s what I mean: when babies are born, they receive input, but none of it means anything. Babies don’t have words or concepts for “chair” or “daddy”; rather, they experience objects and people as symbols, sensations, and emotions. Convergers receive data about the world around them similarly. They have the ability to see it without completely boxing it in. This allows them the freedom to be inventive, perceive complex problems, and create elegant solutions.

Most of us take our current situations for granted, assuming this is simply the way the world works. Tax laws, the quantum vacuum, time travel, unifying the government, complex musical compilations, neurological programming, most people do not spend time wondering about these areas or trying to improve them. Convergers, on the other hand, are enamored with these larger issues and are often able to formulate simple solutions by implementing new ideas, perspectives, concepts, beliefs, or systems.

To a Converger, following an idea is like chasing the white rabbit through many rooms: each room the rabbit occupies gives the Converger more information about who and what that rabbit is, how it works, and how it could be useful to others. Once a Converger has followed the rabbit through all rooms, they simply gather the data and ask, “What is the point of all this?” Many Convergers report that following the white rabbit feels like collecting multiple puzzle pieces. During the moment of convergence, the moment of asking “what is the point?” those puzzle pieces suddenly snap into place and become clear all at once. This can be quite an extraordinary experience for Convergers and for the people around them.


using your divine purpose

As a Converger, you will find that making a point will help you connect with people. They will engage with you, and the brilliance of your gift will truly shine. The fascinating aspect of converging is that you don’t need to explain how you reached your point. You need only make it. Then, if you have been engaged and connected with your audience, they will “get” it right away. It’s an amazing process to witness!

It can be easy for Convergers to simply keep chasing ideas, however, in order to shift reality, Convergers must always (always!) make a point. Gather all of your ideas—everything you have wandered over, around, and under—and ask yourself, “What is the point of all that?” When you ask this question, it helps you converge multiple points of understanding into a solid, grounded, and present point of contact. State your point to the other person. Then others can connect with both you and your ideas.

My book, Your Fearless Soul, provides exercises and reflections to help you further along the path of your Converger's journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


How you help others + how they see you

  • You have a tendency to be eccentric and socially odd, but you like it that way!
  • You possess a multi-dimensional awareness.
  • You are playful and innocent.
  • You are inventive and imaginative, and you like to create unique and improbable solutions.
  • Others feel an incredible sense of wonder and awe around you.
  • Others can walk away from an interaction with you feeling like they have a significant contribution or are uniquely talented.
  • You help people recognize what is wonderful and awe-worthy about them.
  • You remind people to feel child-like again and give people permission to be weird, odd, and fascinating.
  • People find you utterly endearing.
  • You are powerfully impactful in ways that are uncommon, intangible, innocent, and sometimes downright odd!