Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Guardian

Are you a Guardian?


The gift of a Guardian is subtle, yet extremely powerful. Anything beautiful, inspirational and worth protecting that exists in the world today is because of Guardian energy. They are the ones who have kept safe the aspects of humanity held most dear on the level of Soul.

Things like nature, love, security, freedom, sensuality, music and arts, femininity, masculinity, eldership, wisdom, science, equality, justice, environment, health care, clean water, or maintaining wild habitats. There is equal measure of warrior and lover qualities to a Guardian. They protect, restore and stand for something first and foremost because they love it so completely.

It is this deeper love that drives a Guardian; it is the very essence of why they do what they do.

People often feel exceedingly safe and secure in the presence of a Guardian, as if their heart were being held as a precious thing. They give the rest of us a sense of self-worth by reminding us of the fragile beauty of our most sacred qualities and they keep us humble by reminding us there is something greater than our individual self that is worth fighting for.

A Guardian tends to be (but is not always) a little feisty or sassy, but also extremely tender, empathetic and adoring. They enjoy keeping the sacred aspects of humanity safe, they tend to slow or hinder completely any advancement that seem to risky to the vision or to others and they feel more secure if everyone involved is grounded and present.

Guardians have a tendency towards the intense; they apply their skills and themselves wholly to whatever the task at hand. They possess a special kind of all encompassing commitment to their cause and passionate, driving energy that is both motivating and curious to others.

A Guardian, on average, is usually a very private person with an inner (or outer) sanctuary that few others ever witness, but it is time and space within this sanctuary that fuels them. Their sanctuary is where they remember what they enjoy, love or delight in. It is where they rejuvenate, nourish and remember their own sanctity. Without time or space in sanctuary the Guardian cannot function, provide or perform with any feasibility or longevity.

When Guardian discovers what they love and protect, they can provide seemingly infinite generosity, service or love and they give it with every fiber of their being. 


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