Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Guardian


A Guardian values and protects what is sacred.

The Fearless Soul of a Guardian is welcoming, stable, and safe. They cultivate feelings of value and self-worth in everyone they meet. They embody sacred love.

Some plants grow spiral roots or thorns on their stems, others grow in thick groves or create a sticky substance on their leaves or branches. Every biological system will protect itself. In the Fearless Soul System, Guardians are the natural protective element. This does not necessarily require an act of physical protection. Do not think of Guardians as bodyguards. Rather, Guardians value what is sacred and give themselves completely to the task of protecting it.


What a Guardian Is: the power of sacred love

Something is sacred when it is regarded with great respect or reverence, when it is considered worthy of devotion. That is what Guardians do—devote themselves completely to causes worthy of Soul. Different than a religious or spiritual kind of sacred, Guardians look for the sacred in everyday things. They value aspects of humanity that most of us tend to overlook, and yet are collectively held most dear on the level of Soul. In big picture terms, these sacred qualities are things like innocence, playfulness, equality, freedom, truth, femininity, science, or philosophy. But Guardians also devote themselves to the protection of much more tangible items:

  • Pristine and beautiful land which has been preserved
  • Family or friends
  • Music and art in museums and school programs
  • Shelters that take in abused animals and nurse them back to heath
  • Victim advocacy which fights for those who cannot fight for themselves
  • Environmental laws that ensure the protection of clean water and air

Guardians hold equal measures of warrior and lover qualities. Guardians value and protect something first and foremost because they love it so completely. It is this deeper love that drives a Guardian; it is the essence of why they do what they do.

“Love” is an interesting term to define because, in the English language at least, we use the word loosely. We say, “I love chocolate,” and we also say, “I love my children.” Of course our love of chocolate is different from our love for our children, yet we use the same word. Other cultures have a variety of words to describe the subtleties of love. There is a word in French, for example, that conveys the heartbreaking pain of wanting someone you cannot have, or another in Arabic that describes the feeling of loving someone so much, you hope that you are the one to die first so you do not have to live without the other. The subtleties and variation of love are infinite, but in context of the Guardian divine purpose, what I mean by “love” is fierce, unconditional love.

Guardians hold others as precious things. You give people a sense of self-worth by reflecting the fragile beauty of their most sacred qualities. You remind us what is worth loving about ourselves. One way to cultivate this practice in your everyday life is to follow your folly. In each of your interactions, connections, and communications, ask yourself, “What do I value or enjoy in this moment?” Listen for the answer that arises and act upon it. This is how you protect what is sacred. You do not have to do anything, you simply have to value and enjoy and others will automatically feel a sense of security and their own worth.


Using your divine purpose

You do not have to love and protect everyone or everything, but you do need to be there for those who want to receive your gift. We cannot always choose whom we love or what we value; these things seem to be inherent in our bones. But, you can decide who or what to defend and you will do this with more finesse, strength, and sustainability when you are clear about the sacred quality you value most. Your Fearless Soul provides exercises and reflections to help you on your Guardian journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


how you help others + how they see you

  • Others find you to be uncommonly kind.
  • You can appear mysterious.
  • You are uncommonly trustworthy.
  • Injustice bothers you to a higher degree and you feel compelled to help in some way.
  • You are deliberate and wise, and others seek out this wisdom in you.
  • You don’t chase the limelight; you would rather help out in tangible ways that make a difference in the real world.
  • You can be intense in your interactions. Lukewarm connections bother you.
  • You share your feelings because intimacy and connection are important.
  • It’s hard to get inside your heart, but when someone is “in,” they are “in” for life.
  • You provide sanctuary for others.
  • You embody fierce love.