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The Power of a Seer


Seers are extremely powerful, though they may not always realize the true impact and extent of their power. The primary difference between Seers and the other divine purpose types is that there is no specific action or task for Seers to complete.

Seers observe. They be rather than to do.

This may not sound powerful, but the simple act of seeing profoundly alters what is being observed. This is called the observer effect. The observer effect refers to the changes that take place when something is being observed.

Do you act the same way in the privacy of your home as you do in front of other people? Probably not. The observation of others modifies your behavior. This same phenomenon occurs in quantum physics. Experiments have demonstrated that a beam of electrons is influenced in direct proportion to how much it is being monitored. The observation alters the outcome of the experiment.

Just like particles, people change when a Seer is totally present and witnessing them compassionately.

The total presence of a Seer restores balance. In the realm of the Seers, balance means the simultaneous existence of two extremes. Life and death, creation and destruction, order and chaos—Seers regard and value them equally. Holding two extremes can be disorienting, but the line between opposites is the sweet spot for Seers because they understand that the world flourishes because of both. There can be no light without darkness, no kindness without harm, no healing without pain, and no belonging without isolation.

That the world contains opposite extremes is what makes it so beautiful and painful to be alive.

Of all the divine purpose types, the power of the Seer may be the most subtle. A Seers true power lies in the vulnerability of sharing what they see, both the light and the dark. It takes an enormous amount of trust for a Seer to speak, write or communicate the way they see things to others but when they do they create change for others in a long lasting way.


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