Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Initiator


An Initiator awakens and ignites potential, inspiring others to cross thresholds.

The Fearless Soul of an Initiator is passionate and potential-seeking. Initiators move past limitations. They breathe life into people and the world around them.

In our the Fearless Soul System, the Initiator is the reactive agent responsible for cracking open a seedling and beginning the life cycle. The divine purpose of an Initiator is the ability to shift a person, community, or organization from an old paradigm into a new one. Initiators wake people up, shake people up, and ultimately initiate them across thresholds to claim more passionate lives.


What an Initiator Is: The Power of initiation

An initiation introduces a new practice or status. Its fundamental definition means, “to begin” (“Initiation”). In ancient tribal communities, initiation rituals were highly-regarded ceremonial rites of passage that moved an individual member of the tribe from one level of standing to another. The transition from boyhood to manhood, the birth and naming of a child, marriage, and death, for example, were each marked with appropriate initiation ceremonies. These ceremonies indicated that the individual had crossed from a previous paradigm (boy, womb, single, dying) into the next (man, birth, partnered, death).

Whenever an initiation occurs, a threshold is crossed. The threshold is the doorway from an old paradigm to a new one, and crossing it is often emotionally challenging and spiritually taxing. When someone crosses a threshold, they embark on an adventure into unknown realms of space, time, or the human spirit. They blossom into a new version of themselves.

In our modern era, we still participate in initiation ceremonies, though much of the spiritual and religious connotations have been lost. College graduation is a good example of a modern-day initiation. Graduation ceremonies endow students with diplomas and formally pronounce their capability to perform in a specific field of study. There are other more subtle initiations in the modern world as well. For example:

  • When teenagers learn to drive, they are initiated into independence.
  • When children attend school for the first time, they are initiated into a new social environment.
  • When employees retire, they are initiated into a new phase of life.
  • When an artist paints her first masterpiece, she is initiated into master artist status.
  • When a soldier becomes a lieutenant, he is initiated into a higher rank.

In every example of initiation, a threshold is crossed and an Initiator (whether a physical person or an energetic symbol) is present. Initiators recognize potential, awaken that potential in others, and inspire others to make that potential a reality.


Using Your Divine Purpose

Every Initiator is naturally inclined to seek out a specific potential that needs realization. For example, you may initiate new commitments or relationships. Perhaps you inspire others to new levels of courage or intimacy. Maybe you support people at the end of life, initiating them into whatever lies beyond. Perhaps you help others see the internal genius they never knew they had. Once you discover your area of initiation, you will impact others more purposefully. I cannot tell you what what or whom you initiate (only you can do that!), but I can tell you that what you are here to initiate is intimately tied to what inspires you. My book, Your Fearless Soul will help you discover your unique area of initiation and inspiration and provides exercises and reflections to assist you on your Initiator's journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


how you help others + How they see you

  • You see the highest potential in others and ignite it, like a match to a fire.
  • You can persuade people to leap off edges and try new things.
  • You are adventurous, never afraid to try something once, and you revel in new situations, people, and circumstances.
  • You tend toward intense emotions, physicality, or relationships.
  • Whatever you do, you do it all the way; an Initiator does not hold back.
  • You are high-energy by nature, and this makes you a lot of fun to be around.
  • You can be confrontational without being obnoxious.
  • You do not take disagreements personally. Rather, you find that when someone is brave enough to disagree with you (and vice versa), intimacy and trust are formed.
  • You are powerful and present in ways that can sometimes scare the crap out of other people!
  • You make people feel like anything is possible.
  • You help others take risks and move forward passionately.
  • You inspire self-confidence in others.
  • Others find your pizzazz and zest for life contagious.
  • You excite and energize people.
  • People find you fascinating. They like being around you and enjoy your ability to find fun and aliveness in almost any situation.
  • You restore people’s faith—in themselves most of all.