Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Initiator

Are Your an Initiator?


People walk away from their time with an Initiator feeling utterly and completely inspired. Like stepping into an effervescent glass of champagne, time with an Initiator leaves others feeling hopeful and dreamy; like anything is possible.

Something shifts after being in the presence of an Initiator. People tend to view themselves differently, with more confidence and aliveness.

Initiators take the pressure off. They are incredible motivators and are uniquely talented at bringing out the possibilities of another.

To an Initiator, what is exciting is the newness, the movement towards possibility and the undiscovered. Not knowing what's next is part of the fun!

An Initiator tends to be (but is not always) a mover and a shaker, they like to jostle things up and let the chips fall where they may. They possess a special kind of pizzazz that those around them cannot help but be influenced and carried away by.

Initiators can be fiery and the life of the party. They have a tendency towards intense passion, emotions, physicality or relationships; whatever they are engaged with (a person, idea, or otherwise), they are engaged all the way. An Initiator does not hold back.

Initiators are passionate and potential-seeking. They move past limitations. Initiators breathe life into people and the world around them.




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