Christin Myrick Shepherd




My name is Christin Myrick + I am so glad you are here.

I started this website to converse about the content in my book: Your Fearless Soul. But it's turned into so much more than that.

It's a place to capture poetry + thoughts. A place to explore + create. A place to be myself. 

I'm a water engineer, writer + facilitator. I delight in helping others discover the truth of their deepest self.

My personal (s)heroes are Brene Brown, Nelson Mandela + Bill Nye. 

I adore the smell of pine trees in spring + become ridiculously enchanted at the sight of sprinkles. 

Beneath all of this, at my truest place: I am a Seer. I see beauty + pain at the level of soul and it is my sacred honor + great privilege to bear witness to them.  



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