Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Messenger

A Messenger strengthens soul alignment.

The Fearless Soul of a Messenger is honest, authentic, and real. Messengers uncover the wisdom of the heart and bring clarity to all that surrounds them.

In the Fearless Soul System, Messengers represent new roots that hold a seedling firmly in place and the first stem that peeks above the earth’s skin. There is a tentative moment of uncertainty when those shoots first break into the light above and dark below, but when our seedling sprouts it cannot be anything other than what it is. If it is a sunflower, it does not grow into a bean plant no matter how badly it wants to. It becomes what it was meant to be, following its truest nature. In the same way, Messengers encourage us to follow our truest nature, strengthening alignment with our Soul.

What A Messenger Is

The divine purpose of a Messenger is to voice truth that resonates with Soul. These sacred truths strike a fundamental chord within; a place where you instinctively know the truth that rings in your bones. It may not be someone else’s truth, it may not be a universal truth, but it is the truth of your Soul.

Inauthentic or dishonest behavior is deeply upsetting and almost painful to most Messengers. They intuitively sense when people aren’t being honest with themselves. Everybody knows people who weren’t honest with themselves: the friend who stayed in a relationship that was bad for her, the sibling who worked a job he didn’t like, or the parents who convinced themselves they were happy together just the way things were. In these situations, a Messenger may ask the friend what’s really going on beneath the relationship’s façade and encourages him toward passion, or compels the sibling to face the truth of his terrible job while gently recalling his childhood dreams, or admits to the parents her understanding of their relationship while softly reminding them it’s okay to find happiness, even if it isn’t with each other.

The role of the Messenger is to help others accept the current situation, as it is—not to stay in it forever, but in order to encourage actions that will bring one into alignment with Soul.


Using Your Divine Purpose

The people who really need your gift want your honesty. They want to hear the truth, even if it is hard to hear. It is the reception of a message that nourishes a Messenger, not merely the telling. However, it requires a few extra skills and a dash of finesse to deliver your Soul's message in a way that others will receive well. My book, Your Fearless Soul will help you discover your Soul Message. It provides exercises and reflections to assist you on your Messenger's journey. Copies are available on Amazon in electronic and hard copy formats.


how you help others + how they see you

  • You feel your experiences deeply, although sharing them may still be vulnerable.
  • You let your heart lead you and are very brave.
  • You do not shy away from hard truths or darker emotions.
  • You prefer intimate conversations, connections, and relationships.
  • The world of pretense, social niceties, and “little white lies” is difficult for you.
  • You value authenticity and honesty, and the people you allow into your inner circles must have these qualities.
  • People do not often get away with lying to you, but if they do, it feels like betrayal and can be difficult to forgive.
  • People often thank you for giving it to them straight.
  • People may be a little afraid of your forthrightness at first, but they eventually come to believe what you have to say and easily trust your word.
  • You help others face truths they may be avoiding.
  • You help others feel clear and aligned with their true nature.