Christin Myrick Shepherd


The Messenger

Are You a Messenger?


A Messenger has tremendous respect, compassion and desire for truth. It moves, fuels and inspires them, both emotionally and physically, to the core of their being and they are deeply moved by others aligning or resonating with the truth.

After spending time with a Messenger, most people feel an intense inner awareness and clarity. Confusion or mind fuzz has disappeared and there is only this present moment and the truth within it.

A Messenger sees the bondage and repression that occurs from lack of honesty and alignment as well as the truth that needs revealed in order to create freedom. Because the truth is so present and obvious to them, they have difficulty understanding that for others the truth is not as important and learning how to effectively and gently convey the non-stop flow of honesty is a lifelong lesson for many Messengers.

Messengers provide a kind of external tuning fork that allows them resonate with and orient others towards the deepest knowing of the heart. A Messenger has the innate ability to remove confusion, bring others into absolute presence, and invite someone or something to intimate relationship with their authentic nature.

Although the truth is paramount to a Messenger and revealing it brings great joy, what really satisfies and sustains them is that truth being acknowledged, accepted and embodied by another.

It is the truth being received by other that nourishes the Soul of a Messenger.


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