The Farmer & The Deer: A Remembrance of Power

The Farmer & The Deer

Once, there lived a farmer at the edge of a darkened wood. His palms were course from working the soil and his crops were plentiful from attention and care.

Every year he worked the land and every year the food came. Every year except one. On this particular year, for no particular reason, his crops would not emerge. No amount of attention or care, no amount of coaxing or wishing, no amount of prayer would invoke them from their seeds.


The farmer slowly worked through his reserves and, as each month passed, became hungrier and hungrier. Finally, when the snows had reached their deepest, there was nothing left to eat.

He despaired and cried out, “Help me!  Please,” he said, “This hunger is unbearable. Please grant me what I need.”

At first, there was no reply except the silent snows that drifted from the sky.



But then… there! Softly, from the edge of the wood, a stag emerged. Pale as a ghost, it took noiseless steps onto the powdered field and gently laid its body down.

When the farmer approached, it extended its neck and whispered, “I have come. Take what you need.”

The farmer gripped his blade, knelt beside the silvery stag and swiftly ended its life.



In all his time as a farmer, the land had given him much. But in this season of sorrow and longing, the stag had given him much more.

The stag's body gave food and meat, fur for warmth, bones for broth, horns for tools and the courage to carry on.

The stag had given all of himself so that the farmer could live.

In the end, the Story asks who has the power? The farmer or the stag? 



The heart knows the truest answer: that the power lies with the stag.

Do you know why, dear reader? Do you know why the one who is gentle is more powerful than the one who wields the blade?

It is because the farmer had only the power to take a life.

The deer, however, had the power to both give life and to take it away, each at the moment of its choosing.

And now the Story asks: what will you be, little love?

In your own life: will you be the farmer or the deer?   



How to Get Through a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are the body processing intense emotional or physical experiences that the mind cannot always wrap itself around. I believe they arise to help, not harm, and if we listen to them they can guide us to integration, gentleness, and deep soul learning.

This post discusses how to navigate the three distinct phases of a panic attack: the trigger, the attack itself, and recovery (which also has three distinct phases).  

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Making Multi-Generational Teams Work

Meaningful connection motivates effective and efficient teams. This last September I gave a talk about divine purpose to learn how to communicate across the generational divide. 

I presented the Fearless Soul System (without calling it that) to 300 engineers, hydrologists, and GIS folks. I was so excited and terrified (a new emotional state I have been referring to as ‘excit-a-fied’). This is, by far, the largest group of people that has been typed in the shortest amount of time (300 people in less than 8 minutes!). This means that the content can be shared easily, within a corporate structure and to folks whose field of expertise relies on analysis. Basically, if 300 engineers can find their Soul Gift in eight minutes, then anyone can! How exciting is that?!

The cutest part of the whole thing was people in the audience referred to my content as 'the emotional stuff'. I so love engineers! If you want to watch the talk, video evidence is available!


Soul Seer

Sometimes life is magical. There is a sparkle of light followed by a profound connection that leaves me feeling moved. I am different than before.

That's how I feel when looking at this painting by the very talented Sara Burch. Sara found text about the Seer Divine Purpose type through a google search and asked me if she could use it alongside a painting she was auctioning. I looked at the girl's eyes radiating from the canvas and felt like she was seeing right through me. 

The name of Sara's piece is called 'Soul Seer'. 

The total presence of a Seer results in a distinct effect: it restores balance. In the realm of the Seers, balance means the simultaneous existence of two extremes. Life and death, creation and destruction, order and chaos—Seers regard and value them equally. Holding two extremes can be disorienting, but the line between opposites is the sweet spot for Seers because they understand that the world flourishes because of both. There can be no light without darkness, no kindness without harm, no healing without pain, and no belonging without isolation. That the world contains both extremes is what makes it so beautiful and painful to be alive. How would you really know you were alive if you only knew beauty, or if you only knew pain? The balance of the two is what creates life that is rich and diversified.
— Seer Chapter - Your Fearless Soul

This piece (and many others) is being auctioned this Saturday (May 28, 2016).

You can find out more at

A Solo Journey: A Soul's Quest

Last year, I had the profound honor of attending and teaching a Fearless Soul workshop in the gorgeous and wild Fort McDowell, Arizona. Hosted by Bucket List Retreats, the sessions were   clarifying for the attendee’s and for me. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the owner and cultivator of Bucket List Retreats on her podcast program called Travel Talk (listen to the full interview here) which explores one of my favorite topics: transformational travel. The interview was so delightful, I converted it into a blog. I hope you enjoy ~

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Discover Your Soul Message

In the Fearless Soul System, Messengers represent new roots that hold a seedling firmly in place and the first stem that peeks above the earth’s skin and follows its truest nature. In the same way, Messengers encourage us to follow our truest nature, strengthening alignment with our Soul. The divine purpose of a Messenger is to voice sacred truths that strike a fundamental chord within; a place where you instinctually know the truth that rings in your bones. It may not be someone else’s truth, it may not be a universal truth, but it is the truth of your Soul.

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How to Stop Feeling Stuck: Ask These 2 Questions

Typically, I use action to feel unstuck. I make a plan and I propel myself out of a rut. Sometimes this is a good response. Winter, however, is the time for rest and reflection and Iknow when I take action without first rooting into my Soul, it will be hollow and unstable. The outcome will lack meaning.

Use these two questions to discover what action is meaningful, purpose driven, and will provide fruitful results.

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Abundant Joy

You know what I love? Little birds. The kind that have oval shaped bodies that could fit snugly in your hand like a tea cup. The way the peep and cheep. The rapid beat of little wings. Their tiny feet clutching tiny branches. There's something so delicate about them. Something overlooked, perhaps.

The remind me that there is abundant joy in this world available in every moment. Joy in the tiny songs among the branches. Joy in the little wings that flutter like my heart when it longs to be with you. There is abundant joy in every detail of being alive. And the more I remember to look for it, the more of it I find.