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The Power of a Believer: Building the Dreams of Soul


Similar to leaves of a plant photosynthesizing light into energy, a Believer has the ability to infuse others with the essence of wholeness and completion.

Everything in the natural world carries a blueprint for what it will become. An acorn carries the plans to become an oak tree, a caterpillar to become a butterfly, or a baby to grow into a mature adult. 

The amazing power of a Believer is that they have access to and can read this internal blueprint; they intuitively understand the wholeness that wants to be. Not only do they see the blueprint, they also know how to achieve that final creation. They see what tasks need to be done and in what order.

Believers desire to ground what they grow—to make growth achievable for others. Like roots that secure a seedling in the earth, a Believer enables and secures growth by making progress practical for others.

Building and creating is what fuels a Believer; their very heart longs for growth and expansion.

Believers motivate and encourage a person, community, or organization to develop into its fullest expression. They infuse energy into any vision, helping it magnify, mature, and manifest.

Every Believer will have a unique area of development—a dream of the Soul that they feel compelled grow.

It is important to discover what that specific area is for you. It could be the growth of design, mentorship, architecture, homeopathic remedies, green infrastructure, family, spirituality, or love, to name a few.

I cannot tell you what dream of Soul you are here to grow, but I can tell you that what you are here to grow is intimately tied to what you believe in.

When a Believer remembers to channel their Soul Gift to the people and connections they trust and deeply believe in, they have the powerful ability to create real and lasting wholeness, healing and long term benefit for themselves and others, and they will be deeply fulfilled in doing it. 


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