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How to Converge: Make Your Point


The power of a Converger lies in their ability to follow ideas where they lead and create new realities from them.

Like chasing the white rabbit through many worlds, Convergers chase ideas.

Many Convergers report that following the white rabbit feels like collecting multiple puzzle pieces. During the moment of convergence, those puzzle pieces suddenly snap into place and become clear all at once. This can be quite an extraordinary experience for Convergers and for the people around them.

It can be easy for Convergers to simply keep chasing ideas, however, in order to shift reality, Convergers must always (always!) make a point. Gather all of your ideas—everything you have wandered over, around, and under—and ask yourself, “What is the point of all that?” When you ask this question, it helps you converge multiple points of understanding into a solid, grounded, and present point of contact.

As a Converger, you will find that making a point will help you connect with people. State your point to another person. Then others can connect with both you and your ideas. They will engage with you, and the brilliance of your gift will truly shine.

The fascinating aspect of converging is that you don’t need to explain how you reached your point: you need only make it. Then, if you have been engaged and connected with your audience, they will “get” it right away. It’s an amazing process to witness!



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