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Telling Sacred Truths: The Power of a Messenger


Inauthentic or dishonest behavior is deeply upsetting and almost painful to most Messengers. They intuitively sense when people aren’t being honest with themselves.

Everybody knows people who weren’t honest with themselves: the friend who stayed in a relationship that was bad for her, the sibling who worked a job he didn’t like, or the parents who convinced themselves they were happy together just the way things were. In these situations, a Messenger may ask the friend what’s really going on beneath the relationship’s façade and encourages him toward passion, or compels the sibling to face the truth of his terrible job while gently recalling his childhood dreams, or admits to the parents her understanding of their relationship while softly reminding them it’s okay to find happiness, even if it isn’t with each other.

The role of the Messenger is to help others accept the current situation, as it is—not to stay in it forever, but in order to encourage actions that will bring one into alignment with Soul.

When the Messenger gets attached to the truth itself they can forget to include intimacy and connection in their delivery. When they do remember to intimately connect in their delivery, it is the Messengers that have the most powerful ability to create real and lasting clarity, authenticity and freedom for themselves and other.

The power of a Messenger is that they give voice to sacred truths that resonate with Soul. These sacred truths strike a fundamental chord within; a place where you instinctively know the truth that rings in your bones. 

Messengers are honest, authentic, and real. They uncover the wisdom of the heart and bring clarity to all that surrounds them. 


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