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The Power of a Guardian


Guardians value and protect and they do so because of a deeper love that drives them.  

“Love” is an interesting term to define because, in the English language at least, we use the word loosely. We say, “I love chocolate,” and we also say, “I love my children.” Of course our love of chocolate is different from our love for our children, yet we use the same word!

Other cultures have a variety of words to describe the subtleties of love. There is a word in French, for example, that conveys the heartbreaking pain of wanting someone you cannot have, or another in Arabic that describes the feeling of loving someone so much, you hope that you are the one to die first so you do not have to live without the other. The subtleties and variation of love are infinite, but in context of the Guardian's purpose, what I mean by “love” is fierce, unconditional love.

Guardians hold others as precious things. They give people a sense of self-worth by reflecting the fragile beauty of their most sacred qualities.

Something is sacred when it is regarded with great respect or reverence, when it is considered worthy of devotion. That is what Guardians do—devote themselves completely to causes or people worthy of their Soul.

Different than a religious or spiritual kind of sacred, Guardians look for the sacred in everyday things. They value aspects of humanity that most of us tend to overlook, and yet are collectively held most dear on the level of Soul.

The true power of a Guardian is that they remind us what is worth loving about the world and about ourselves.



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