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What's Your Soul Message?


I've recently come across something called HeartMath.

Our brains and our hearts display a biorhythm which can exist either in or out of sync with each other. When we experience frustration or panic, for example, the rhythm is out of sync.

When we experience a sense that all is well, that is the heart and mind operating on the same frequency, or in sync with each other. In my book, Your Fearless Soul, I call this alignment. The Heart Math Institute calls it coherence.

What ever name you wish to give, I believe it is the same mechanism by which Messengers act and respond to others. To discover your Soul Message, let's practice some HeartMath.


  • Start by placing your hand on top of your heart.
  • Take a few moments to feel your heart beating. Notice the rhythm of it. Notice the rhythm of your breath.
  • Take six deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling to the fullest capacity of your lungs. Keep your attention on this breath.
  • After the sixth exhale, ask yourself: What is the truth of my Soul?
  • Some Messengers prefer the question: What is my message?


Your message could emerge as an image, a song, smell, animal, or clear statement. What ever arises, trust it. Trust yourself.

Whatever question you decide to ask, trust the answer that comes from your heart. The heart is a power center; it has all the information you need to know.

A Messenger voices truth that resonates with Soul, but you don’t have to be a Messenger to deliver a message from Soul! Sacred truths strike a fundamental chord within; a place where you instinctively know the truth that rings in your bones. 

People want honesty. They want to hear the truth, especially your truth, even if it is hard to hear.


*More information on the Heart Math Institute is available at:


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