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How Others See a Messenger


How Others See a Messenger:

  • People often thank you for giving it to them straight
  • People may be a little afraid of your forthrightness at first, but they eventually come to believe what you have to say and easily trust your word
  • You help others face truths they may be avoiding
  • You help others feel clear and aligned with their true nature


Things People May Not Know About You:

  • You feel your experiences deeply, although sharing them may still be vulnerable
  • You let your heart lead you and are very brave
  • You do not shy away from hard truths or darker emotions
  • You prefer intimate conversations, connections, and relationships
  • The world of pretense, social niceties, and “little white lies” is difficult for you
  • You value authenticity and honesty, and the people you allow into your inner circles must have these qualities
  • People do not often get away with lying to you, but if they do, it feels like betrayal and can be difficult to forgive
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