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Are you a Flyer or a Grounder?


What is a Flyer + Grounder?

The terms Flyer and Grounder refer to the feeling associated with the focal point of a persons orientation + attention.

Flyers belong to the realm of ideas and intangibles. They are the visionaries and the analytics. They comprehend reality through spatial awareness and invisible connections.

Flyers can intuit the systematic workings of companies, organizations and people; they inherently understand the big picture. They seem to understand without being told how individual components fit together to create a whole and are able to see the forest through the trees.

If a Flyer is particularly empathic, they may sense and feel the invisible realm, the mystery, or the spirit world.  

Grounders, on the other hand, belong to the realm of action and tangibles. They see the world as it really is; not as they want it to be. Grounders comprehend reality through physicality + practicality.

Grounders understand detail and the nuances of relationship. They can intuit the motivators + incentives that make people tick. They have the ability to execute the plan: they value the trees, not necessarily the forest.

If a Grounder is particularly sensitive or empathic, they may pursue  philosophic, mystic or cosmological knowledge.


Which One Are You?

In general, you can tell someone is a Flyer if they are described as bringing a lightness of being, a sense of freedom, expansive, a breath of fresh air, bringing stimulating conversation, awake and sometimes even the light in the room gets brighter.

In general, you can tell someone is a Grounder if they are described as present, grounded, physical, slowing down a space, deepening a conversation, intimate, trustworthy, authentic and sometimes even the furniture, people, colors, sounds and even the smells in the room become more apparent.


Flyers, Grounders + Soul Gifts

What is particularly interesting is how the differentiation between Flyers and Grounders affects Soul Gifts. Here are a few examples:

  • A Flyer Messenger will be interested in universal truths or varying perspectives of truth
  • A Grounder Messenger will be interested in what happening on the ground, what is the truth right now
  • A Grounder Believer will be focused on the creation of a sustainable and tangible product that will serve to heal others
  • A Flyer Believer will be oriented around offering a service that nurtures or heals the heart, soul and psyche

In our relationships and in our lives, we fluctuate between the Flyer and Grounder polarities. We do not always reside in one or the other, but rather we shift and change depending on the circumstances.

What do you think? Are you a Flyer or a Grounder? 


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