Christin Myrick Shepherd



About Christin

I'm still discovering myself.  Like a canyon being deepened by rivers and time, new layers seem to emerge every day.

I'm a water engineer. At least I'm trying to be. I analyze floodplains and mitigation plans. Most days, I seek to find what is holy in the mundane.

I'm an author. Writing Your Fearless Soul was one of my greatest pleasures. The seven types were more remembered than created. They feel to me like prayers that were whispered on the wind, waiting for an ear to harbor in. 

I used to be a life coach just for men. In 2012, I had the great honor of speaking at TedX Boulder about my practice. It was incredible, vulnerable and undeniably thrilling. 

I'm a wanderer and a poet: finding my heart in places like Cambodia, where the temple stones sing secret, ancient songs.

My truest love is a lanky, bearded fellow with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

I like to build things with my hands. My favorite color is that shade of green that smells like forest and pine. I will never say no to anything with pink frosting (*or sprinkles

If I could be anyone, it would be the cosmic three-way love child of Brene brown, Nelson Mandela and Bill Nye.

My primary divine purpose type is a Seer and I also adore giraffes.