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Soul Gift FAQ


Can I have more than one Soul Gift? 

The short answer is that we have access to all seven types at all times.

That being said, there will be one type that flows most effortlessly and joyously, one type that is your orientation and source of aliveness at all times. We all have secondary (and even tertiary) types, but they will be in service of your primary Soul Gift.


Are there more than seven types?

Probably. This work was created as I see through the world through my particular lens from my particular circumstances and experiences with others. However, I am completely willing to accept that there are more than these seven. How exciting to discover more!


Is there anyone the system doesn't work for? 

In my work with groups, it seems that there are three groups of people that have difficulty identifying their Soul Gift.

1. People undergoing a major transition, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or a new job. I have noticed that when people’s lives are in upheaval, they have a tendency to mis-type themselves. If you are in transition, I recommend coming back to this work when the transition is complete and see for yourself if your Soul Gift has changed or not.

2. People living in a land that is different than their country of origin. If this is the case for you: it helps to recall memories of childhood in your homeland. Using those memories seems to help for discovering your Soul Gift type.

3. Those rare humans who have entered eldership. If adolescence is about tending to your own Soul, and adulthood is about tending to the Soul of other, then eldership is about tending to the Soul of the world. There are very few elders in the world anymore: they are precious and rare, and just because someone is aged doesn’t mean that they have reached true eldership. However, when trying to type someone in eldership, I have noticed that they have difficulty picking just one. I believe that the types grow into and overlap each other until they become one cohesive purpose and act as an indicator of eldership.


Can my Soul Gift change?

Yes, but not in the way you might think. You don’t change in a linear or hierarchical way. We don’t grow out of one Soul Gift and into another.

Our Soul Gift includes as it expands; it matures and develops to embrace the other types. We blossom into the wholeness of all the gifts as we progress in our ability to wield our own divine purpose.


Am I born with my Soul Gift? 

We come into the world with inherent traits, and our divine purpose is woven into the fabric of who we are. Our authentic wildness develops and grows from this foundation, but at some point in every person’s life, authentic wildness and divine purpose get shut down. It is during this time that we can learn to utilize some of the other types for survival. Add social conditioning, our understanding of our world, and the events of our past into the mix, and we get who we are today.

So, yes, we are born with our divine purpose type. This does not mean, however, that we cannot adopt new traits as we learn and grow.


Where did Soul Gifts come from?

Long story short: I used to be a life coach exclusively for men. In my coaching sessions, the conversations usually turned toward passion, purpose and knowing ones self. After awhile, I started to notice there was a pattern in the way people wanted to be of service and orientation of their desires. Everyone is unique. No two Soul Gifts are exactly the same, but they can be represented by a family of similar gifts.

These interactions, combined with my personal history, were the creative spark of Soul Gifts. 

The Soul Gifts are extremely personal to my heart and soul. They were more remembered than created. They feel to me like prayers that were whispered on the wind, waiting for an ear to harbor in and I was just lucky enough to be listening.


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