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The Purpose of Initiators


Initiators awaken and ignite dormant potential. They clarify what actions need to be taken to move forward and inspire others to cross thresholds to claim more passionate lives.

Every Initiator is naturally inclined to seek out a specific potential that needs realization. You may:

  • initiate new commitments or relationships
  • inspire others to new levels of courage or intimacy
  • support people at the end of life, initiating them into whatever lies beyond
  • help others see the internal genius they never knew they had

Knowing your specific area of initiation will create more powerful + purposeful impact.

Initiators spark new life. They breathe aliveness into where it is needed most.

How do you know where that is? I'll give you a hint: what makes you feel alive?

What you are here to initiate is intimately tied to what inspires you. If you can find + follow what breathes life into your life, you will initiate others automatically. You won't even have to try.

Initiators recognize potential, awaken that potential in others, and inspire others to make that potential a reality.

By following your own potential, you help others blossom into a new + powerful version of themselves.

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