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The Gift of Initiation


In ancient communities, initiation rituals were ceremonial rites of passage that moved a person from one level of standing to another.

Transitions were marked with appropriate initiation ceremonies indicating that an individual had crossed from a previous paradigm into the next:

  • boyhood to manhood or girlhood to womanhood
  • womb to birth
  • adulthood to eldership
  • apprentice to master

In every example of initiation, an Initiator is present and whenever an initiation occurs, a threshold is crossed. The threshold is the doorway from an old way of life to a new one.

Crossing these thresholds it is often emotionally challenging and spiritually taxing. When someone crosses a threshold, they embark on an adventure into the unknown.

The gift of initiation and the true gift of the Initiator is the ability to support and comfort  a person, community, or organization as they cross the treacherous threshold of Soul and begin their new way of belonging to the world.


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