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Making Multi-Generational Teams Work

Meaningful connection motivates effective and efficient teams. This last September I gave a talk about divine purpose to learn how to communicate across the generational divide. 

I presented the Fearless Soul System (without calling it that) to 300 engineers, hydrologists, and GIS folks. I was so excited and terrified (a new emotional state I have been referring to as ‘excit-a-fied’). This is, by far, the largest group of people that has been typed in the shortest amount of time (300 people in less than 8 minutes!). This means that the content can be shared easily, within a corporate structure and to folks whose field of expertise relies on analysis. Basically, if 300 engineers can find their Soul Gift in eight minutes, then anyone can! How exciting is that?!

The cutest part of the whole thing was people in the audience referred to my content as 'the emotional stuff'. I so love engineers! If you want to watch the talk, video evidence is available!