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A Brief Introduction to Initiation - For Initiators

To understand the Initiator Soul Gift is first helpful to understand the concept of initiation.

An initiation introduces a new practice or system to someone or something and its fundamental definition means “to begin”.

In ancient tribal communities, initiation rituals were highly regarded ceremonial rites of passage that moved an individual member of the tribe from one level of standing to another. From boyhood to manhood, for example, the birth and naming of a child, becoming a warrior or healer, marriage and even death were all marked with an appropriate initiation ceremony that indicated the individual had crossed the threshold from their previous paradigm (boy, womb, single, dying) and had gone to the next (man, birth, partnered, death).

Ceremony of initiation for Navy Graduation

Ceremony of initiation for Navy Graduation

In our modern era, we still participate in versions of initiation ceremonies, though much of the spiritual, religious, or tribal connotations have been lost. College graduation is a good example of a modern- day initiation. A ceremonial dedication is held that endows the student with a diploma and signifies their capability and capacity to perform in a specific field of study. But there are other more subtle initiations in the modern world as well, for example:

  • When a teenager learns to drive (initiated into freedom),
  • When a child goes to school for the first time (initiated into a new social environment),
  • When an employee retires (initiated into a different status),
  • When an artist paints their first masterpiece (initiated into master artist status),
  • When a soldier is promoted to lieutenant (initiated into a higher rank) and so on. 

In every example of initiation a threshold is crossed and an Initiator (whether as a person or energetic symbolism) is present.


The Soul Gift of the Initiator is the ability to shift a person, community, or organization from an old paradigm and reorient them toward a new one. This is called “crossing a threshold” or Initiation and it is the primary function of the Initiator Soul Gift.