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Soul Seer

Sometimes life is magical. There is a sparkle of light followed by a profound connection that leaves me feeling moved. I am different than before.

That's how I feel when looking at this painting by the very talented Sara Burch. Sara found text about the Seer Divine Purpose type through a google search and asked me if she could use it alongside a painting she was auctioning. I looked at the girl's eyes radiating from the canvas and felt like she was seeing right through me. 

The name of Sara's piece is called 'Soul Seer'. 

The total presence of a Seer results in a distinct effect: it restores balance. In the realm of the Seers, balance means the simultaneous existence of two extremes. Life and death, creation and destruction, order and chaos—Seers regard and value them equally. Holding two extremes can be disorienting, but the line between opposites is the sweet spot for Seers because they understand that the world flourishes because of both. There can be no light without darkness, no kindness without harm, no healing without pain, and no belonging without isolation. That the world contains both extremes is what makes it so beautiful and painful to be alive. How would you really know you were alive if you only knew beauty, or if you only knew pain? The balance of the two is what creates life that is rich and diversified.
— Seer Chapter - Your Fearless Soul

This piece (and many others) is being auctioned this Saturday (May 28, 2016).

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