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How to Stop Feeling Stuck: Ask These 2 Questions

Are you feeling it? The time of year where the world is still in winter’s grasp, inspiration is a breath away from inflating your lungs, and the world remains dormant, bound by the cold.

I know I am.

I feel stuck this time of year. I long for the action and adventure that Colorado sunshine brings, but my Soul reminds me in gentle tones, “Shhh. It is still the dreaming time. The woods are silent and dormant. Let your heart be still and silent as well, resting just a little longer in winter’s wisdom.”

Typically, I use action to feel unstuck. I make a plan and I propel myself out of a rut. Sometimes this is a good response. Winter, however, is the time for rest and reflection and Iknow when I take action without first rooting into my Soul, it will be hollow and unstable. The outcome will lack meaning.

I don’t believe this means winter is about taking no action at all. Just as I say in Your Fearless Soul, I am more inclined to believe it is about asking the right questions to discover what action is fruitful to take. So, when you’re feeling stuck this season (or any season, really) try these two questions:



What would make me feel better?


What would move me forward?


The question that has an immediate response is the action to be taken, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Remember, we are made of the same molecules as the earth, bound by the same rhythms of her seasons. Different seasons will yield different answers to these questions. For example, to read Harry Potter and drink home-made hot chocolate is a very winter-esk answer! You may find your answers follow a different line entirely. Whatever your answer, trust that it is the perfect answer. Trust your instinct. Trust your response. Your Soul knows the answer.