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Inspiration for Initiators

Inspiration is life for Initiators.

Viktor Frankl is the author of my all time favorite book Man's Search for Meaning and is an utterly inspiring individual. The video excerpt below is from a youth conference in 1972.

In it, Frankl says:

If we take man as he really is, we make him worse.
If we take man as he should be we make him capable of becoming what he can be.

There must be a spark of search for meaning [in everyone]. Let’s recognize this. Let’s presuppose it! And then you will elicit it from [them]. And you will make [others] become what [they] in principle are capable of becoming.


Can you recognize the words and phrases Initiators use? Can you feel the difference in the way he talks about dormant potential? Watch the video now and get a little bit of Inspiration for your day!