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How Others See the Soul Gift of an Initiator

Within the Soul Gift System, the Initiator is the reactive agent responsible for cracking open a seedling and beginning the chain reaction of a biological life cycle. When there is dormant potential, an Initiator Soul Gift senses it and cracks it open to begin the chain reaction of aliveness.

The Initiator is the reactive agent that cracks open the seed.

The Initiator is the reactive agent that cracks open the seed.

The Initiator Soul Gift can make others feel total permission and unshakeable confidence. When others spend time with an Initiator they often walk away feeling inspired, hopeful and like anything is possible. Initiators help people awaken to their dormant potential and clarify what actions need to be taken to move forward.

People sense that something is different or shifted in the way they view themselves when they spend time with an Initiator and often remark that they feel ‘better’, though the specifics of that ‘better’ are not always clear. It is my opinion that Initiators offer relief because they take the pressure off. They are incredible motivators and are uniquely talented in believing in the possibilities of another.

To an Initiator, what is exciting is the newness, the movement towards aliveness and the possibility of something never been done before and this can be tremendously fun and adventurous or entirely frustrating to others.

An Initiator tends to be (but is not always) a mover and a shaker, they like to jostle things up, toss the cards and let the chips fall where they may. They possess a special kind of pizzazz that those around them cannot help but be influenced and carried away by. They can be fiery, bubbly and the life of the party kind of people, always up for the new and undiscovered. They have a tendency towards intense passion, emotions, physicality or relationships; whatever they are engaged with (a person, idea, or otherwise), they are engaged all the way. An Initiator does not hold back.

Because of the tremendous amount of spark-like energy coursing through them at almost all times, an Initiator needs to move physically, but also to move forward, to create change and to awaken potential. Stagnation is difficult and suffocating for an Initiator and because of this quirk, they have difficulty staying to clean up conflict or to reach resolution. An Initiator can appear to others as flighty or uncommitted and it is easy to direct and pour their energy into dramatic relationships, unfulfilling events, people or projects and other enticing distractions with unsatisfying and unsustainable outcomes. This diversion can take the form of ‘shiny object syndrome’, where there are so many new and exciting things, people and ideas to wake up and be a part of that the Initiator can lose themselves in the constant change of their focus.

When an Initiator learns to channel their Soul Gift and its potential, they are compelled to energize and awaken the world; they have a remarkably powerful ability to create real and lasting change and to be deeply fulfilled in doing so.