Christin Myrick Shepherd


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How Others See the Soul Gift of a Believer

When I was trying to name this particular Purpose Imprint, I ran into trouble because its function in the system is so much about growth, moving forward, building and transformation. I wanted the name to reflect the immensity of its impact. Every name I tried on adequately conveyed the physical changes this Soul Gift can bring: acceleration, growth, building and expansion, but each all neglected to convey the deep love, tenderness and trust that is the lifeblood of a Believer’s true power.  

The origin of the word ‘belief’ stems from Germanic roots that mean “to hold dear, to love”.  A Believer, at their very core, is someone who holds dear and loves. This is exactly how a Believer Soul Gift is able to accomplish amazing growth but the expansion is secondary to and only comes after the honesty of affection. When a Believer loves and trusts deeply, they compel acceleration, growth and full expression of self.  

Similar to leaves of a plant photosynthesizing light into energy, a Believer has the ability to infuse others with the essence of wholeness and completion. Everything in the natural world carries a blueprint for what it will become. An acorn carries the plans to become an oak tree, a caterpillar to become a butterfly, or a baby to grow into a mature adult. The amazing gift of a Believer is that they have access to and can read this internal blueprint; they intuitively understand the wholeness that wants to be.

Believers are tremendously tender hearted although they have a tendency to be slow to trust others. It can be difficult to win a Believer over; they do not easily put their faith in words and may require actions and proof before they put their faith in you. However, once their trust has been won, a Believer does not hold back their generosity, service or talent. Belief and faith is a choice for most Believers, they must decide what they want to pour their abundant love and energy into and when they decide to believe in someone or something, they are in all the way.

A Believer usually likes to move the particles along, make marked advancement and expand others into wholeness. They possess a special kind of all encompassing dedication to their cause and an absolute faith that is both inspiring and mystifying to others. They have a tendency towards intense and full day-to-day lives. This may sound like a lot of people in the busy world we live in, but a Believer likes to feel well utilized and genuinely useful to others: it is what fuels them.

Of all the Soul Gift types, Believers tend to have the most stamina, energy and active movement forward. Because of the tremendous amount of energy that courses through them at almost all times, it is easy to direct and pour their heart and soul into relationships, events, people or projects that consume the Believer’s energy and yield little or no return. They can make progress for the sake of progress and forget what they believe in. Over time, this can create discord and discontent.

It is important for Believers to ensure they are in a mutually beneficial relationship with the person, group or project they commit to or engage with. And a Believer needs time to rejuvenate, physically but also emotionally, spiritually and mentally. They are so generous and nurturing that they sometimes forget to replenish themselves along the way!

When a Believer remembers to channel their Soul Gift to the people and connections they trust and deeply believe in, they have the most powerful ability to create real and lasting wholeness, healing and long term benefit for themselves and others, and they will be deeply fulfilled in doing it.