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A Brief History of Soul Gifts

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose?”

Maybe your version of this question is not the exact wording as above, maybe your version of this question is something like, “Why am I here?” or “What am I meant to do?”

Perhaps your version of this question is about how to secure a fulfilling job, feel valued in your family or artistic work, or about discovering your unique contribution to the world. Maybe your question is “What do I want to be when I grow up?” or “What is my gift?” Perhaps it is even “What is the impact I am going to make?”

Your version of this question may relate to the meaning of life, finding a place to belong or being of the most service. Your question may be about your talents, your abilities, or your productivity. No matter how your question is phrased, the underlying curiosity is the same; “What was I born to do?

The interesting thing about this question and its many variations is that we ask it over and over again, and yet we arrive at conclusions that are no closer to our true purpose than before. Why is that?

People have difficulty answering the question, “What is my purpose?” not because they are lost souls who have no meaning (though it may feel this way at times!), nor does the difficulty arise because they do not know where to find joy.

The difficulty arises because we are asking the wrong question.

To accurately and authentically answer the question of what our purpose is, we must actually deeply consider and respond to a completely different set of questions: questions that appear to have nothing at all to do with purpose, value or service but are vital to the question of purpose.

In order to uncover the accurate and authentic answer to the inquiry of purpose, the right questions to ask are:

  • “Who am I?
  • "What do I really want?", and (perhaps most importantly)
  • "How can I help others?"


When I worked with clients one on one and even though each client was vastly different, the sessions always played out in the same way.

The person entered into my office, we sat down and got cozy, at which point I asked them why they’ve come in. They said something to the effect of “I don’t know what I am doing with my life.” To which I replied, “Well, what would you like to do?” and they said, more often than not, that they do not really know what they would like to do.

I dug a little deeper by asking, “Who are you really? Can you describe your essence Self to me in five words or less?” and they replied that they did not know the answer to this question either. I concluded that this was the most logical place to start.

You cannot know what you were specifically and uniquely created to do (your purpose) if you do not know what you want, and you cannot know what you want with any kind of certainty if you do not know who you really are.

When we can accurately and authentically answer the questions of Who am I?, What do I want? and How can I help others? the answer to “What is my purpose?” arises naturally from the deep knowing of who we are at a fundamental level.

These questions, combined with my personal history, were the creative spark of Seven Soul Gifts. Within the answers my clients offered, I noticed a pattern of service orientation and desires. Everyone is unique. No two Soul Gifts are exactly the same, but they can be represented by a family of similar gifts.

My hope is that this work helps you identify your Soul Gift so that you may gain more insight into your true nature and offer it with love and compassion to as many human beings as possible, so that you may experience abundance and gratitude, affect real and positive change in others and your place in the world.

My hope is that we all may start living on purpose.


**Author's note** The original name of The Fearless Soul System and the seven types of divine purpose was "Seven Soul Gifts." For various reasons, I decided to change the name but left this blog as is.