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Can I Have More Than One Divine Purpose Type?

The short answer is that we have access to all seven types at all times.

That being said, there will be one divine purpose type that flows most effortlessly and joyously, one type that is your orientation and source of aliveness at all times. We all have secondary (and even tertiary) types, but they will be in service of your primary divine purpose type.

Example A: I am a Seer with Converger as my secondary type. When I look into something or someone, a pattern emerges (Seer). This pattern usually floats around like a bunch of puzzle pieces until, wham!—they snap together to form some kind of alternate perspective or shift (Converger). These “puzzle pieces” do their thing in service of the Seer divine purpose and ultimately create harmony and balance.

Example B: One of my dear friends is an Initiator with strong Conduit and Messenger types as her secondary and tertiary. She is oriented toward awakening people's potential at all times. However, she is also able to help people identify what will truly fulfill them (Conduit), to attract the resources to do so (also Conduit), and to help them tell the truth to themselves (Messenger). The uncovering of desire and truth are in service to the Initiator type, and ultimately they help people cross thresholds and become a greater version of themselves.

Example C: Another loved one is a Believer with strong Guardian as her secondary. She is oriented toward growth, wholeness, and leadership at all times. However, she is also able to identify what is precious and valuable in others (Guardian) and help them feel longed for by the whole (also Guardian). Identifying what is valuable and precious helps her build something for the greater good.


We are all able to access all seven divine purpose types. They each flow within us, but there will be one that compels us most.

What do you think your primary, secondary (and perhaps tertiary) divine purpose types are?