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Fearless Soul System Overview

About the Soul Gifts System

The Fearless soul System

The Fearless Soul System is based upon seven different types of purpose that were discovered over the course of my own personal development and the development work I’ve done with my clients. Each divine purpose is entirely unique though it is also possible to learn about, grow with, and utilize the talents and attributes of a type other than your own. Your divine purpose type will simply be the one that is most natural to you, but there is always room to explore and develop the others.

The seven types of divine purpose are named: Initiator, Messenger, Believer, Conduit, Guardian, Seer, and Converger. They are part of an interconnected and self-supporting system. Each divine purpose is vital to the whole, and no one individual is more important or valuable than another; if one were missing, the entire system would collapse.

Tiffany Josephs of (the sweetest and sparkly-est companion in spiritual mischief) made this document for me to show you how the System looks:


But here's the deal: there is no test to discover your divine purpose type.

There are no worksheets or external sources to tell you who you are.

You have to decide which divine purpose most resonates with the essential nature of you.

If you haven't already, I recommend you hop on over to the Discover page read about the seven types and which is most suited to your Soul.


Results We're Seeing

My primary type is Messenger which I discovered a few months ago. Now, a handful of months later, I barely feel like I am the same person I was. Still very much me, but so much stronger in my inner (and outer) voice and resting in my gift.
— Andrea
The [Fearless Soul System] has changed the way I look at everything.
— Sheri Smith, CEO |
  • Clarity, direction and greater sense of purpose 
  • Understanding of how to apply your truest self in service of others and a better world
  • Relief and a sense of meaning

More results to come as we get them!

It was a totally different and amazing experience to find your real soul in one word, finding others similar to your type and having the same ideas for making the world a better place.
— Mariam
I really feel impacted by the conversation we had (I am the Conduit). Truly I feel that a door that I had closed was opened again. Thank you!
— Kim
This Soul work is so important and relevant and everyone needs to know about it.
— Andy
I feel happier and more clear than I have in a while. It was interesting, fun, and so worth my time.
— Brian
I was so nervous that I would not have a [divine purpose type] or that I would not be able to help people. I am a Seer, though, and I know now that I am strong and see the in between. I cannot thank you enough for helping me see that.
— Jahla
Helping people understand themselves and others deeply at the core is a sacred and valuable service to the world. Thank you for giving us the tools to do so.
— Jordan
Your workshop and my connection to my [divine purpose type] has awakened my sleeping joy.
— Andrea
Knowing my [type] is really fun. Now I am going to work on this with new perspective. Thank you for helping me complete this quest!
— Eve